Florida Concealed Firearms Safety & Training Course

New Price $50.00 ($15.00 Range fee not included.)

This course exceeds all firearms safety training requirements of Florida’s concealed handgun law. You will receive a certificate of completion which you can submit to the Florida Department of Agriculture with your concealed permit application. The course is designed to provide common, every-day people with the complicated laws regarding concealed firearm and weapons carry and help explain, in laymen terms, how those laws pertain to their right to own and carry a weapon.

Course overview:

¨ Firearms safety, including gun handling and home firearms safety.

¨ Storing your firearm, loading and unloading.

¨ Care and cleaning of handguns.

¨ Shooting fundamentals.

¨ Legal requirements for obtaining a Florida concealed handgun license.

¨ The justifiable use of force, deadly and non-deadly as per Florida state statute 776.

¨  Legally carrying – concealed, where allowed and not allowed to carry.

¨ Step by Step application process assistance.

¨ Traveling to other states- reciprocity and recognition.

¨ Your individual concerns.

¨ State application and all class room materials .

” Certificate of Certification ( which is submitted to State of Fl)


Putting the Serious Stuff Aside… You’ll Enjoy Taking Your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Shooting is fun and empowering. It can provide you and your family with endless hours of fun. We teach all of our classes in an enjoyable and informal setting. We enjoy teaching Florida concealed weapons classes, and we make sure our students enjoy taking them.

We love to teach people how to shoot because it is rewarding to see someone who has never even held a gun before, leave the shooting range feeling excited, empowered, and confident in their ability to shoot – and even defend themselves, or someone they love.

Remember This

There is a Violent Crime every 22 seconds, one Murder every 34 minutes, one Robbery every minute, and one Rape every six minutes. With statistics like these, your chances of becoming one of these statistics could literally be “right around the next corner.” Don’t let it happen to you or someone you love, schedule a class now.

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