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Fl. Dept. Of Agriculture 2014 Updates


Subject: Changes in the law concerning Firearms Training Reporting Requirements and Approved Firearms


2014 Revision Regarding Firearms Training Reporting Requirement

As you know the 2013 Legislature revised Chapter 493 so that anyone issued a new or renewal Class “G” license on or after

July 1, 2013, must submit proof of the first year’s re-qualifying training on or before the one-year anniversary date of the issuance of the new or renewal license. If the Class “G” license holder has not submitted the original Certificate of Firearms Proficiency reflecting completion of the first year’s training on or before the anniversary date, the Class “G” license is automatically suspended.

Revision 2014

Effective July 1, 2014 licensed security officers, private investigators, private investigator interns, and agency managers who hold a valid Class “G” Statewide Firearm Licenses will be able to now carry a .40 caliber handgun and .45 ACP handgun while performing regulated duties. Employees of your agency will, of course need to obtain proper training from a Class “K” Firearms Instructor and have certification on file with the division in order to carry these firearms.