Firearms Instructor John I. Goldsboro Jr.


John Goldsboro
John Goldsboro Jr. 
NJ State Police
NJ State Police

My name is John I. Goldsboro Jr. and I am retired New Jersey State Police Trooper. I am currently a Florida Class “K” Firearms Instructor (K 1200068) and NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. During my career I have had the opportunity to serve on the N.J. State Police T.E.A.M.S. Unit (Technical Emergency & Missions Specialist) as an expert marksman and designated marksman training with several Government and military operation teams such as the FBI, Navy SEALS and the Army special Ops Team.


I have had the opportunity to train and instruct hundreds of NJ Troopers, Law Enforcement Officers and Security Officers in firearms. As an Instructor my courses range from beginner to advanced firearms and specialize in close protection combat related techniques. Much of my instruction centers on natural movement and body mechanics, basic shooting fundamentals, combat focus shooting, combat accuracy, skills and isolation contact drills and self-defense/weapon retention techniques, when dealing with a single or multiple attackers.

By taking my concealed weapons course you will learn more about Florida State Statute Chapter 790 concerning laws for carrying a concealed weapon, the use of deadly force, basic gun safety, fundamentals and principles, how to safely load/unload your weapon, how to safely store and secure your weapon from unwanted persons or accidental discharges.

The Florida armed security officer 28 hour “G” course offers more advanced and detailed instruction for those who work in the security or investigation industry and open carry their firearms. Taking the “G” course you will start with basics concepts such as stance, proper grip, sight alignment, sight focus, trigger control and then learn more advanced techniques as combat and tactical reloading, how to quickly clear your firearm of misfires or malfunctions, shooting multiple targets, shooting from cover or concealment and much more.

If you are in search of a well trained and seasoned firearms instructor with many years of instruction or have any questions regarding our courses please call me directly at 727-385-9110.


John I. Goldsboro Jr.
NRA Member