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Advanced Glock Armorer Certified

My name is John Goldsboro Jr., VP of Training for S1 Firearms Training. I am a also a Certified Glock Factory Advanced Armorer and gunsmith located in Tampa Florida. I specialize in Glock pistols and their accessories. I am a retired New Jersey State Trooper (TEAMS) and have been a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor since 1996. I am a lifelong shooter and NRA member, Law Enforcment & Private Armed Security Firearms Instructor & Advanced Tactical Instructor.

Glock Certified Armorers must be recertified every 3 years. To become a Glock Armorer you must be a certified gunsmith, certified firearms instructor, Law Enforcement Armorer or a GSSF member. Glock Amorers can help Glock owners with diagnosing problems including known warranty issues. Some of these are free through Glock warranty, and a Glock Armorer can assist you in this determination. I can run the annual function check, modify or upgrade the Glock with factory parts, adjust the sights, or add new sights.

Whether you need magazines, improved sights, target shooting modifications, specialized tools, Glock memorabilia, or the spare parts and springs to keep your Glock running right, I have it all for you.
Glock Certified Armorer

Glock authorized parts include:

  •  Tritium Front and Rear sights
  •  Replacement Standard sights
  •  Firing Pin, spring cups, spacer sleeve, channel liner, safety & spring
  •  Locking Block & pin
  •  Magazine Catch and over-sized catch, ambidex catch switch to R or L
  •  Magazine floor plates, and orange training floor plates
  •  Magazine Spring or Assembly
  •  Recoil Spring Assembly
  •  Slide cover plate, slide lock, spring, and slide stop lever
  •  Spring loaded bearing
  •  Trigger housing pin, trigger pin, trigger mech housing w/ejector
  •  Trigger with trigger bar, Trigger spring, and “New York” Trigger
  •  Gen 3 and Gen 4 parts
  •  Glock Tool, Exploded view parts mat, and various sights (6.1mm, 6.5mm, 6.9mm & 7.3mm)

An Annual Function Test is recommended by Glock. I can teach you how to perform the basic test, but some of the tests can only be performed by a Glock Certified Armorer. Also, I can disassemble your Glock and clean it thoroughly and show you how to properly clean and maintain your Glock to factory spec. The Annual Function test includes a complete inspection and form that you can save showing the detailed inspection results, function test and suggested repairs and/or repairs performed.


Cost: Annual Function Test and Full Disassemble Cleaning: $49.95 by appointment

Parts cost varies on current factory prices

To set up an appointment call S1 Firearms Training: 727-385-9110 or email info@S1firearmstraining.com

If you are interested in becoming a Glock Amorer Contact your local Glock representative, gunsmith college, or go to the Glock website in our links area.

GLOCK Armorer’s Certificate

Glock armorer certificate jacobelli






GLOCK Advanced Armorer’s Certificate

Glock Advanced Armor Certificate





I take pride in offering my customers superior service: extensive product knowledge, very rapid shipping, and fair prices.

Though I recommend using a certified Glock factory armorer to do any modifications to your Glock pistol, many mechanically minded shooters actually do it for themselves. Glock pistols are easy to work on. All you need is a Glock armorer’s tool and a bit of instruction.

Got a Glock question? Email me and I’ll do my best to reply very quickly.

Thanks, John.