More than I ever expected

Alex Benjamin I must say I have attended many weapon’s classes and training in my life but the S1 investigative, Protection  Training Services is the most informative and knowledgeable class I have ever attended in a long time, you don’t only learn about the law and Florida Statutes concerning being a security officer(and many more)but … Continue reading “More than I ever expected”

I highly reccommend

This class was fantastic! John Goldsboro did a great job keeping everyone interested and involved with the training. I completely enjoyed the class, John made it fun and taught me many things I did not know and the right way to do them. Thank you for having a seasoned professional teaching the class, I will … Continue reading “I highly reccommend”

Great Course

I went to the Concealed Carry Course expecting very basic information about firearms. Instead I was surprised about how much there is to learn about our right to carry firearms in the State of Fl. I learned so much from John and his vast amount of experiences and knowledge, that I will continue to take … Continue reading “Great Course”

Great “G” Re-Qualification Class

This is the 3rd time myself and 3 of my fellow G4S Armed Security Officers have completed our Class “G” Re-Qualification with John at S1 Firearms. As Usual we always take in new information and tactical strategies to help us to be better at what we do! Kevin  H Clearwater

Amazing Course!!!

My wife and I attended John’s concealed carry course and learned more about firearms and firearm safety than we ever thought was possible. After the classroom portion and demonstrations we went to the range and all I can say is “WOW” . It’s very evident that John and his guys are truly firearms specialist but … Continue reading “Amazing Course!!!”

Concealed Weapons Course

This was a really fun, casual, and informative course delivered in a very relaxed, informal, and often funny way. In just three hours, I was provided with a complete and thorough overview of the laws that govern concealed carry and firearms use in Florida. Our instructor, John, was fantastic. He was able to provide examples … Continue reading “Concealed Weapons Course”

Excellent Instruction

03.23.16 Took the Florida CWP class with John of S1 Firearstraining. Excellent instructor and class all my questions were answered. And the class had all the information we needed to be ready for what comes with having a CWP Mike

Great Learning Experience

04/07/16. Finally got around to take the CCW class and what a great learning experience it was. John Goldsboro was just awesome with his knowledge of laws and examples of different situations. He kept the class involved and made it fun to learn.