About Us



S1 Firearms Training is a Florida based firearms Team of highly experienced and trained Firearms Instructors. Our Instructors have over 40 combined years of firearms instruction encompassing both Military and Law Enforcement instruction. Our training programs are developed to assist and train those who may have never held a firearm, a novice shooter or those who are well trained and just want to hone in on improving their skill set with a firearm. At S1 Firearms Training our courses consist of NRA 1st (CWP), to Advanced Private Security/ Law Enforcement Combat & Tactical scenarios courses.

At S1 Firearms Training we follow the guidelines that the State of Florida’s Department of Agriculture have in place for the Florida Class “G” (Armed Security Officer) Licensee’s. Along with following the State’s Firearms Training manual we have developed specific training and development courses to assist in the instruction of the Class “G” Licensee. We offer the Florida Class “G” Full (28) Hour Course, Class “G” Re-qualification Course along with the Federal HR-218 Course.

We Keep You Informed: Recently many Fl. “G” Class Licensee’s have failed to re-qualify in the required time frame given to them by the Fl. Department of Agriculture & the date posted on their Class “G” License. Therefore they were required by the State of Florida Dept. of Agriculture to Re-take the entire Florida Class “G” Full (28) Course over again. Our free S1 membership keeps you informed on all State Firearms updates and reminds you of the next required date you need to re-qualify before.

We have developed a FREE S1 Firearms Training online Membership specifically set up for all Florida Class “G” Licensee’s. The membership offers the Class “G” Licensee many of the following benefits:

  •  FREE Membership
  •  Updates on any new requirements from the State of Fl’s. Dept. of Agriculture
  •  Personal user Name & Password protected data base
  •  View your “G” written exam scores
  •  View your “G” Firearms Qualification Scores
  •  Personal I.D. Photo of targets & proof of training
  •  Posted time period before your next required requalification shoot
  •  Discounted One on One Firearms Instruction based on your needs
  •  Firearm Rental Program
  •  Free use of Ear & Eye protection
  •  Membership discounts
  •  FREE monthly firearms and CQC training tips